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SABRE Red USA Pepper Spray

NO Online Sales of ANY Pepper Spray - In Shop Sales ONLY


SABRE Red USA Pepper Spray (Black)

  • Black Pocket Size, 4 inch cylinder
  • Quick Release Key Ring provides immediate access when keys are in ignition or lock
  • 10% OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) measuring 0.67% Major Capsaicinoids*
  • Specially formulated for sale in New York State
  • .75 oz, [contains approximately 25 shots]
  • 10 Foot Spray Line Length, Ballistic Stream**
  • SABRE civilian products have a four year shelf life
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • SABRE Pepper Spray HPLC Guarantee Video

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 0.67 Capsaicinoids, 10% Oleoresin Capsicum in a non-toxic, non-flammable, non-lethal solution pressurized with nitrogen.

EFFECTS: Pepper Shot causes pain, inflammation on the eyes, nose, and upper respiratory system. Effects will last for approximately 45 minutes.

*Oleoresin Capsicum vs. Major Capsaicinoids: Although OC is the active ingredient used in most self-defense sprays, the percentage of OC within the formulation does NOT indicate Pepper Spray strength. The OC percentage only measures the amount of red pepper contained in the defense spray, not the pungency or effectiveness of the product. Therefore, it is the percentage of the total Capsaicinoids, not the OC percentage that is most important.

Specially formulated [10% OC measuring 0.67% Major Capsaicinoids], SABRE RED USA is the strongest formulation legally for sale in New York State. Furthermore, SABRE RED USA measures approximately 4 times stronger than the OC used by many law enforcement agencies which contain only 0.18% Major Capsaicinoids.

**Ballistic Stream:
This spray pattern is ideal for use outdoors because it helps to prevent blow-back exposure. Wind is a concern when carrying a defense spray; a ballistic stream spray pattern helps to solve that problem. It fires a tight strong stream which can be very accurate for any situation. This stream can also be fanned if necessary for greater coverage. Fanning is done by moving your arm side to side while discharging the Pepper Spray.

pepper spray

Protector Dog Attack Deterrent Pepper Spray

Dog owners care about all dogs, even in the case of an attack.
You want to make sure you can protect yourself and your pet;
you also want to make sure you won’t leave the attacking animal
with a lasting injury. Short-term, humane and convenient
is the ideal solution deterring an aggressive dog.
  • Protector's small compact size
  • Includes a key ring attachment for convenient access.
  • Walk confidently knowing you've done as much as you can to protect yourself in an effective but humane way.
  • Reliable - #1 brand trusted by police worldwide
  • Humane - deters most dogs without long-term pain or injury
  • Reduced wind blow-back due to stream delivery
  • Greater protection at a safe distance: 14 bursts at up to 12 feet away
  • Key ring provides convenient, immediate access
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certificati

Why We Only Sell SABRE RED USA Pepper Spray

"Manufactured in the USA, Security Equipment Corporation (the makers of SABRE RED USA Pepper Spray) is the only defense spray manufacturer in the world with its own HPLC factory lab, allowing them to test every batch to meet stringent quality control measures — and is the only line of defense spray available in which each batch is guaranteed to have consistent, stable heat levels. In recent independent laboratory testing, it was determined that many personal defense sprays claims were overstated by as much as 95%. The results of the analysis show that SABRE Red® ranges from 20% to 95% hotter than the competition."

The above information is located on the official SABRE website, and is reprinted here exclusively for the education of our customers. For further information about SABRE RED USA, Security Equipment Corporation (the manufacture of SABRE Pepper Spray), or additional information in regards to Pepper Spray, please visit the FAQ page on the official SABRE website.

Basic Directions and Training Information

1. Hold canister in upright position (DO NOT hold can at an angle or upside down)
2. Turn actuator (located on the side of the spray nuzzle) to remove safety
3. Direct spray at face of attacker
4. Press down firmly and spray liberally with a slight back and forth sideways motion
5. Effective range 6 to 10 feet
6. Quickly move away from your attacker and call for help

We also highly suggest that you watch the following instructional video:
Pepper Spray: How to Use the Right Way!

For information on SABRE Civilian Safety Awareness Programs utilizing the use of Pepper Spray, call this TOLL-FREE number: 1-877-326-1880.


Do Not store your SABRE Defense Spray in your car. Do not leave your SABRE defense spray in any area that may exceed 120 degrees F or drops below 32 degrees F. Excessive heat or cold may cause the can to leak or burst.

First Aid and Decontamination Procedures

If you are accidentally sprayed, or if someone else is sprayed accidentally, the following first-aid procedures are recommended until medical attention can be sought:


  • Do Not Panic.
  • Do Not RUB the face or eyes, as that will aggravate the pain already being experienced


  • Expose the person to fresh air, a breeze if possible. A fan can also be used.
  • Flush the affected area with cool water either from the tap or a garden hose (or use whole milk). If eyes are exposed, flush abundantly with cool, fresh water for 15 minutes.
  • Clean the affected area with non-oil based soap or detergent.
  • Do not use salves or greases on exposed area because it will trap Pepper Spray particles or OC resin onto the skin.
  • If you wear contact lenses, remove them carefully once hands are thoroughly clean.
  • It is recommended that an ophthalmic examination be performed by a physician if irritation or pain persists after 15 minutes of flushing with water.
  • Clothing which is contaminated with Pepper Spray should be removed immediately and, if indoors, placed in a sealed plastic bag or container.
  • Persons assisting the subject should wear rubber gloves to avoid residual contamination.
  • If any irritation or pain persists after decontamination procedures, a physician should examine the exposed area.

New York State Compliant

In compliance with New York State laws in regards to the sale and distribution of Pepper Spray in the state of New York, every self-defense spray device that Birddog Outdoor Sports sells is packaged with: directions for use, first aid information, safety and storage information; and a toll-free telephone number for the purpose of allowing any purchaser to call and receive additional information regarding the availability of local courses in self-defense training and safety in the use of a self-defense spray device.

In New York State, Pepper Spray is a "restricted sale" item. Birddog Outdoor Sports cannot ship Pepper Spray, nor sell it over the Internet. Pepper Spray must be purchased in person at our shop. Also, in compliance with New York State Law, sales are limited to a maximum of two (2) Pepper Spray containers per individual.

The Pepper Spray sold at Birddog Outdoor Sports, is specially manufactured in the USA for us by SABRE, and its formula is compliant with New State laws and restrictions in regards to the New York State Self-Defense Spray Law - Penal Law 265.20.

In order to purchase Pepper Spray in New York State:
• You must be over the age of 18
• You must have no history of felony convictions or assaults
• Product must be purchased from an authorized dealer, pharmacy or gun dealer
• You must complete a form with your name, address, birth date and signature

Please be advised that in New York State:
• You CANNOT bring Pepper Spray from another state into New York
• You CANNOT buy Pepper Spray online
• You CANNOT give Pepper Spray to a minor

Important: The use of this substance or device for any purpose other than self-defense is a criminal offense under the law. The contents are dangerous; use with care. This device cannot be sold by anyone other than a licensed or authorized dealer. Possession of this device by any person under the age of eighteen, or by anyone who has been convicted of a felony or assault, is illegal.

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