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Birddog Outdoor Sports Gunsmith Services

Gunsmith Service Charges

Note: General cross-section listing of shop capablities prices are estimates. Prices do not include parts.
  • Written estimates on request
  • $30 an hour for general repairs or troubleshooting


  • Cleaning includes disassembly, cleaning, reassembly, lubrication
  • $30 for most pumps and bolt actions
  • $40 for most Autos, Handguns and OU/Doubles


  • $50 for scope ring alignment and lapping
  • $50 for scope/rings mounting (pre-drilled/tapped), includes leveling and laser bore-sighting
  • $20 for drill and tap/hole
  • $30 for installing front or mid-rib bead on shotguns
  • $30 for Dovetail sight removal, installation, or adjustments


  • $35 Sight-in firearm (ammo and targets not included)
  • $50 for recoil pad installation
  • $30 for sling stud/insert installation
  • $50 Trigger pull adjustment / trigger job
  • $30 Stuck choke tube removal
  • Custom Duracoat painting (estimate provided)
  • Stock bedding (estimate provided)
  • Cold Blue refinishing (estimate provided)
  • Barrel cutting / muzzle crown refacing (estimate provided)
  • Barrel change-out (estimate provided)
  • Stock pull and drop adjustment (estimate provided)
  • Stock checkering restoration (estimate provided)
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